About Me

My name is Maryam Dinzly, and I’m turning 22 on March 2016 (presents anyone? heheheh jkjk). I have always been in love with Muhammad Leoandra Daniel. I like to read books, alot of them. I live in Singapore. And I’ve been book blogging since 2014, but I recently changed to WordPress Once Upon A Story in September 2015. I’m also blogging at Great Imaginations, filled with pretty and amazing girls, so go visit them! One of my goals in life is to at least get one physical ARC and also one signed book (yup, I dream big.) Oh yeah, I love games too (currently having an obsession with Destiny) and tv series (Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon A Time, The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, Arrow and a whole lot of others). I tend to rant and spazz about books also, so beware. For authors and publishers, do check out my Review Policy as I would love to read your book if it falls within my beloved genre. Also, please do check at my homepage if I am currently accepting any review requests. For other book bloggers, talk to me, and comment, I will always reply back, I promise (and if I don’t, I will someday because I might have missed it.)