Review: Alienation (C. H. A. O. S. #2) by Jon S. Lewis

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Review: Alienation (C. H. A. O. S. #2) by Jon S. LewisAlienation by Jon S. Lewis
Published by Thomas Nelson Inc on November 5th 2012
Genres: Young Adult, SciFi, Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 288
Source: Kindle (Amazon)
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Earth’s last line of defense against the coming alien invasion is 16-year-old surfer Colt McAlister.

But before he can save the world, he has to survive the day.

All Colt wants to do is return to his old life . . . where aliens don’t exist . . . where mankind hasn’t been targeted for destruction . . . and where his parents are still alive. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way.
The United States government believes Colt holds the key to our survival, so they’re sending him to the CHAOS Military Academy along with his best friends Oz and Danielle. There they’ll be trained to defend Earth against a swarm of alien shape shifters known as the Thule. But someone is trying to eliminate Colt before he can lead that charge. Shocked to learn about key events in his past and unsure who he can trust, he is alienated and on the run.

In a world of high-tech gear, shape-shifting aliens, simulated reality, and hover boards, Colt must step into his true destiny before our world falls into chaos.

Okay, I have to type out this post super fast because I have to go home soon (I’m at work HAHA) and I’m too lazy to touch the laptop at home. So, let’s go!

This is the second instalment to the CHAOS series. If you’ve seen my review of the first book, you would have known that I refer this whole series as the Agents of SHIELD book-version HAHA. Which is true. The book deals more with aliens, rather than superhumans though. So, basically, Colt has been invited to join the academy, and he’s half scared but half excited too. But then, he realises that someone wants him dead because of his position. Apparently, he was chosen as the one who would replace the director of CHAOS, and that placed him in danger. When the truth about his past comes about, and he realises that someone IN CHAOS might want him dead, suddenly even his best friend could not be trusted.

This second book is amazing, as amazing as the first book. But I have to say though, the one flaw about this book is that it likes to cut off abruptly. LIKE SERIOUSLY, IT’S JUST SUPER ABRUPT. Example, when he goes into unchartered territory and someone caught him, it just stops there. Next thing you know, he wakes up the next morning, and they did not even explain what happened the night before. I mean, is he in trouble or something? It happened alot of times in this book, but thank God for the awesome storyline HAHA.

Now, let me go home and read the next book. 😉

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