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May Wrap-Up

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UntitledIt has seriously been pretty long since I last write up a monthly wrap-up. In my defense, school has pretty much taken over my life, which is definitely fine with me, since I loooove the modules I’m currently taking. Anyway, it’s the holidays now, and so I have time for a monthly wrap-up. HOORAY. monthly 1

  1. EXAMS. Okay, maybe that’s a pretty weird thing to be happy about, but for the first time in my life, I actually took exams seriously. And I studied my ass off. People are prolly wondering why I’m like so obsessed with school. Like, it’s just school. WHY? Well, that’s because I messed up my school life pretty much most of my life. I was never interested, I wasn’t the smart kid in the house, and I made tons of horrible life choices. Going back to school was like a fresh start for me, and trust me, I really need a whole lot of fresh starts in my life.
  2. Quality time spent with the boyfriend. I never had much quality time with him, because of our conflicting school timetables. We’re always rushing to meet each other for that short one hour or so, hence it was pretty nice that we got some quality time together, watching movie, talking about random things under the sky, and I definitely miss that.
  3. Trying to be okay. This is not considered a best moment, but it was something that made me proud. It was hard to write out this 5-best-moments thing, because truthfully? May was horrible, and June is turning out even worse. But what I’m proud of is that I’m still trying to be here, trying to fix myself, and I’m not even close to giving up. I’m just taking life as it is, and if I could say it, I would actually say that I’m stronger than before, mentally.
  4. GAMINGS. I would really like to say that I’m back into gaming. Well, PC gaming. HAHA. My classmates are practically obsessed with them, and so, I got caught in the wave too. And trust me, obsessed is pretty much an understatement, because they play the games practically 24/7, even in class!
  5. And this leads me to the last best moment in my life, which is the friends I’ve made in school. After almost two months, I’m pretty surprised at myself for making friends. I went into the school thinking that I don’t have time to make friends and I didn’t want to make friends. But here I am, with these bunch of boys, forever listening to them ranting about games, or about horrible teacher and stuffs, and I’m glad I made friends with them.

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Okay, I didn’t really read much books in May, because of exams. BOOHOO. But there’re still top 3 books that I would really looove to push to everyone to read. LIKE NAH, READ IT. I SAID READ IT. Yeah.

  1. Winterspell by Claire Legrande: THIS BOOK WAS SSJDBAGBUR like a Nutcracker retelling? YOU NEED TO READ IT. The whole story was beautiful, amazing and just downright intense as shit.
  2. Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay: OKAY I have to give credit to Cait @ Paperfury because she spazzed about this book SO HARD that I immediately picked it up. AND woah, it was goooood. Like amazing, fantastico good. It’s not much of a retelling, but it’s a continuation of Sleeping Beauty. LIKE the real Sleeping Beauty, not the Disney version.
  3. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken: Before you roll your eyes at me, YES I know I was pretty much late on reading this book. BUT OMG it was so fabuuuulous. It kinda reminds me of Taherah Mafi’s Shatter Me, but still unique in its own way. There’s like people with different powers, and everything that just went to hell by the end of this book. READ IT.

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I am forever cringing at the thought of sharing my Reading Challenges updates because it’s not good, guys. NOOOOPE, not even close. It’s so bad that I had to lower my goals for GR challenge to 250 and I’m still not even catching up yet!


85 / 250


41 / 100


11 / 100

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Monthly Wrap-Up: End of April

Monthly Wrap-Up: End of April

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Monthly Wrap-Up: Where did November go?!
Posted December 1, 2015 in Monthly WrapUps / 2 Comments

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Monthly Wrap-Up: Goodbye October, HELLLLLO NOVEMBER!
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What have I been watching?

What have I been watching?

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