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UntitledHIIIII. Okay, so I haven’t been online much recently, but I’ve been pretty busy with schools and oh my God, exams are coming up. Wish me luck okay? ANYWAY, I have been thinking about books that I used to read, and lately, I’ve been coming back to those kinds of books that makes you choose your own fate. What? You’ve never read those kinds of books before? *gasp

No worries, I’ll explain it for those people who has never read/seen them before. Basically, these types of books will make you choose your own fate. At the end of each short chapter, there will be a point where you will have to make a decision. For example:

You see a secret door at the end of the corridor. You:
a) Decide to open it and look around (go to page 23)
b) Pretend like you’ve never seen it and move on (go to page 47)

Now do you understand? Hence, these type of books are rarely in order. The pages are all jumbled up and if you ever try reading them in chronological order, boy, your head will spin. Now, back to the discussion.

I usually hated these types of books, and I honestly think I still do. That’s pretty much why I stay away from them. Once upon a time, in a land far away, books were nice. They were pretty pretty books who would never hurt people. No deaths, just happy ending. So I reaaaally hated books which made us choose the path to take because come on, what if I choose the wrong path and the character dies? At least, in a normal book, the author tells the story for us and it usually ends with a happily ever after (or it used to.) HAHA.

But yes, I’m scared of making decisions, to be honest. It’s bad enough that I have to make adult decisions in real life and some decisions demand consequences. I don’t need a book making me feel bad for the wrong choices. HAHAH I mean, we can all agree with that right?

But truly though, am I the only one? Or am I one of the many people who hated these kind of books which maybe led to their extinctions? TELL ME. Or rather, let me know if you’ve come across these types of books. And if you’re an author, I would LOOOOVE to know if you have ever thought of writing this type of books before.

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