Exams exams.

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and that’s th end of my maths paper. just now was paper 2 – 40% pure maths and 60% statistics. DAMN th pure maths was hard as hell. i nearly wanted to give up,not wanting to care about th 40marks. but i didnt. now im hoping that th stats will give me enough marks to get a decent pass for overall maths paper. now left with two more papers. Accounting paper 2 and MOB paper 1. to be honest,im not really that bothered about accounting,cos i never have any trouble passing it. its MOB that im freaked out about. i mean,i have never passed that paper before. like ever. and for th first time i wanna pass it. i wanna pass everything. not because i wanna make my mother proud,hell i dont think she’ll ever be proud of me. anyway,yeah i wanna do it for me. i wanna be proud of myself,knowing that for once im not a damn failure. thats my motivation. to prove to everyone else including myself that im not some dumb minah,going to school just to fish for boys. i dont mind being recognised as a minah,but i wanna atleast be known as a smart minah. maybe someday I’ll make myself proud,and Daniel too. <3

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