Review: Gathering Frost (Once Upon A Curse #1) by Kaitlyn Davis

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Review: Gathering Frost (Once Upon A Curse #1) by Kaitlyn DavisGathering Frost (Once Upon a Curse, #1) by Kaitlyn Davis
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on February 17th 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Dystopia, Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 304
Source: Kindle (Amazon)
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Will his kiss be enough to revive her frozen heart?
Once Upon A Time meets La Femme Nikita in GATHERING FROST, a dystopian romance from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis that reimagines the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Jade was only a little girl when the earthquake struck. Before her eyes, half of New York City disappeared, replaced by a village that seemed torn out of a storybook. Horses and carriages. Cobblestone streets. A towering castle. And, above all, a queen with the magical ability to strip emotions away.

Ten years later and Jade has forgotten what it is to feel, to care...even to love. Working as a member of the queen's guard, she spends most of her time on the city wall staring at the crumbling skyscrapers of old New York. But everything changes when the queen's runaway son, Prince Asher, returns. Jade is tasked with an unusual mission--to let the Prince capture her, to make him trust her, and then to betray his secrets to the crown. In return, she'll earn her freedom. But life outside the queen's realm is more than Jade bargained for. Under Asher's relentless taunts, her blood begins to boil. Under his piercing gaze, her heart begins to flutter. And the more her icy soul begins to thaw, the more Jade comes to question everything she's ever known--and, more importantly, whose side she's really on.

So, do you guys watch Once Upon A Time? If you do, I guarantee you that you will adore this book. Imagine you’re living in New York City and suddenly, EARTHQUAKE. But it’s not a normal earthquake. Instead. the ground splits up and half of New York City is replaced by a world taken out of the fairy tales land. What’s worse is that it comes with Queen Diedre, the ice queen, one who is capable of taking away one’s emotions. This was what happened to Jade’s world. A few years later, Jade has forgotten what it feels like to FEEL. To even love, cry and feel pain. Until she met the queen’s runaway son, Prince Asher. The story turns bad when Jade was tasked with an unusual mission. She’s supposed to befriend the prince, make him trust her with his secrets of rebellion and then betray him. But the more time she spends with Asher, the more she learns to feel again. And soon, she has to choose which side she’s on.

This book has quite a number of reference to The Sleeping Beauty and I was ensnared in the story the moment it started. I mean, honestly, I have loved fairy tales since I was little, and reading about it being put together with modern day makes me OH-SO-EXCITED. And the more I read about Jade, the more I love her every move, her attitude, the way she steeled herself against anything and everything. She reminds me of an unlikely heroine. One who does not need any Prince Charming to save her. And I think that’s why I honestly like her character the most, because she seemed to be the only one in the book who is independent and no matter how comfortable her surrounding is, she never lets her guard down, not even for a cute guy HAHA.

And Asher, OH ASHER. Bear my spazzing for a little while because Asher makes me feel like ASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMQWERTYUPOI. He is so charming, and not the sleazy kind. It’s more like the I-have-this-charm-as-an-armour-to-protect-myself-from-the-fact-that-my-mom-is-a-b*tch kind of charm and it’s really really cute. There were times when he would get hurt emotionally and he could still smile and make people laugh. SIGH. My type of guy. Now, where can I get myself a Prince Asher? HEHE.

And the story plot made me never want to stop reading. I could not anticipate what was going to happen next and my emotions were really on a roller coaster ride. One moment I would be laughing to myself, and the next I would be crying my ass off. GUYS, you need to read this book. It gives a whole new meaning to FAIRY TALES and of course, it’s a series of fairy tales OMGOMGOMGOMG I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW. *breaks down and cries*

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