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i meant it when i told my mom that Mardhiah is my only friend at home. i have nobody else,really. she’s th only one i can count on,talk to. i mean,th whole family hates me because my own mom hates me. it sucks,you know. it sucks bigtime when your own mom hates you. and i thought every mom love their children,apparently i was wrong. so very very very wrong. she truly hates me. because im not pretty enough. seriously? “why would any guy fall for you? youre not even pretty at all. goodness what do they all even see in you?” it hurts,you know. it hurts bigtime. i asked my dad yesterday why my mom hates me,and he was like “because to her,youre not pretty.” ouch. hais. so since she hates me,i make it my mission to make her life as miserable as ever. hahah,like you hurt me and i’ll hurt you back kind of thing? YEAH. but damn,im not that cruel. mostly I’ll just ignore her and do my own things. like i tell Mardhiah yesterday,i always get through th day by looking forward to th next day,because thats when i can go out th whole day and not be with this family. th sad thing is that i feel more welcome being with other people’s family than my own. thats sad.

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