Have you ever wondered?

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have you ever wondered why some people like to treat others like shit? its like,it makes them feel better about them self just by criticizing or hurting someone else. it seems kinda stupid,but i guess thats what makes them happy. but being happy at th expense of other’s feelings? thats just sad. have you ever wondered why? is it because of th way they were brought up? maybe. i mean,look at you,you were pampered since young,eventhough you were a damn troublemaker. maybe thats why you think youre better than everyone else. thats bullshit. i think its plain bullshit. youre bullshit. nobody should ever think that theyre better than everyone else,even if they are. be humble,for fuck sake. bullshit. nobody should ever be criticized and hurt just so that someone else can be happy. it doesn’t work that way. i mean,i dont fucking get it. WHY? why’re you guys acting like this? i mean,what th hell do you gain? going around,telling people theyre dumb,ugly,stupid,WHATS TH POINT? screw you people. you think youre better than everyone else? think again cos youre not. th fact that you have to make others feel like shit just to make yourself happy? shows that you have a hell of bloody damn low self-esteem. you know what,one day you’ll be damn lonely. one day,just one damn fine day,you’ll realise that youve lost everyone thanks to your screwed up attitude. one day,you’ll look at yourself in th mirror and feel like shit,regretting every damn cruel word youve ever spouted to anyone. you dont know how bad it hurts. you have no idea,because thats just you. youre selfish as hell. your kind are just th damn reason why so many teenagers committed suicide. th reason why people slash their wrists,hurt themselves,trying to escape from people like you. i hope karma comes back around,cos damn I’d love to see you cry over th fact that someone else hurt you,th way that you hurt me and everyone else. I’ll be th one laughing in your face when that happens.

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