i love you,boyfriend.

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sometimes i seriously feel like strangling th shit out of you. for real. cos you make me so frustrated at times. but no matter what,i still love you. cos youre this guy who makes me happy,cheers me up 24/7 and youre mine. i hope its for forever,cos i cant imagine my life with anyone else. i mean,this time last year,i was seriously heartbroken and contemplating to never date guys anymore,until i turn 20. then you just had to show up,and make me fall head over heels in love with you. i never told you this,but im glad it didnt work out with my previous boyfriends. if not,i’d never have met you,and that would be a huge waste,considering th fact how damn important you are to me already. please dont leave,we can go through any stupid hardships,trust me. i mean,we went through so many fights,and we came out stronger than ever,aint it? dont give up,we’re worth it. iloveyou. <3

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