Mini Reviews: Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee

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Mini Reviews: Angelfall and World After by Susan EeAngelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) by Susan Ee
Published by Skyscape on August 28th 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 288
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

It's been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world. Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night. When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back.
Anything, including making a deal with an enemy angel.
Raffe is a warrior who lies broken and wingless on the street. After eons of fighting his own battles, he finds himself being rescued from a desperate situation by a half-starved teenage girl.
Traveling through a dark and twisted Northern California, they have only each other to rely on for survival. Together, they journey toward the angels' stronghold in San Francisco where she'll risk everything to rescue her sister and he'll put himself at the mercy of his greatest enemies for the chance to be made whole again.

UMM. OH MY GOD? This book is amaaazing. I mean, seriously. I was hooked since the first page, and it gets even better as the book was pretty fast-paced. The main character, Penryn, was interesting from the start. She captured my attention and I definitely fell for her character throughout the whole book. She was not a damsel in distress. I mean, she was in distress half the time, but she could take care of herself. Granted, she could be a bit ditzy at times, and those moments were the funniest ones because in the midst of all the blood and gore, she would make me burst out in a surprised laughter.

Raffe was S-E-X-Y. I was just fantasizing about him while reading this book. I mean, AN ANGEL. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT ANGELS ARE HOT. He was pretty much perfect, and his dry humor matched Penryn’s panicked moments, which all in all, make them a DARN CUTE COUPLE. Though, the romance in this book was a teeeny bit NOT THERE but I don’t blame the author. It would have been really weird if the romance was the focus, especially when Penryn should be focusing on saving her sister. And WOW, the whole Angels-are-evil thing is definitely refreshing. I mean, we all want angels to be the good ones. So what happens when angels are the ones slaughtering people?


Mini Reviews: Angelfall and World After by Susan EeWorld After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2) by Susan Ee
Published by Skyscape on November 19th 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 320
Source: Kindle (Amazon)
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

In this sequel to the bestselling fantasy thriller, Angelfall, the survivors of the angel apocalypse begin to scrape back together what's left of the modern world.
When a group of people capture Penryn's sister Paige, thinking she's a monster, the situation ends in a massacre. Paige disappears. Humans are terrified. Mom is heartbroken.
Penryn drives through the streets of San Francisco looking for Paige. Why are the streets so empty? Where is everybody? Her search leads her into the heart of the angels' secret plans where she catches a glimpse of their motivations, and learns the horrifying extent to which the angels are willing to go.
Meanwhile, Raffe hunts for his wings. Without them, he can't rejoin the angels, can't take his rightful place as one of their leaders. When faced with recapturing his wings or helping Penryn survive, which will he choose?

OKAY, so immediately after finishing Angelfall, I went to Twitter, asking if I should read World After. And Rhea from RHEA’S NEON JOURNAL actually tweeted this:

SO, YES, the queen has spoken, and I definitely KNOW I needed to start this book despite the fact that it was already 10PM. And I did! Sooo. BOOOOM. More angels. I am a little bit disappointed though, because there wasn’t much of Raffe in the second book. But the story line was still SO GOOOOD. This time, Penryn had to be on her own, WHICH LIKE I SAID, IS QUITE SAD COS NO RAFFE. But life is cool, because like I said, the MC is freaking amazing in her own way. There were waaaay more violence in this book, especially due to the fact that the humans have finally fought back against the angels. BUT I have to admit that I was a tad bit disappointed in this book, because Penryn seemed more subdued. It’s like, without Raffe, she was just not as kickass as she was, and that makes me sad. Half the time, she was in the background, not even doing anything. So, that part was sad. Fortunately, things kinda sped up at the end, with all the BAM BOOM BAAAAM. And I was a happy girl again hehehehe.

SERIOUSLY cannot wait to read the last installment in this series.

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2 Responses to “Mini Reviews: Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee”

  1. I cannot wait for you to read the last book, because I want to know your thoughts! So many people LOVED it, and I personally was underwhelmed (but I am the black sheep I think?) My feelings on the first two were exactly the same as yours- the first one blew me away, I couldn’t believe how much I loved it! And the second one was solid, but not QUITE as good as the first. But the good thing about book 3 is that Penryn is definitely kickass again 😀 Hope you love it! Great reviews!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Not Quite DNFs: Give Up or Give a Second Chance?My Profile

    • I HAVE READ THE LAST BOOK. I think it’ll be out soon HAHAHA. And yes, I definitely agree about the part in which Penryn was kickass again in Book 3. I didn’t realize how much I miss that part of her. It makes the book SO MUCH MORE FUN hahaha.

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