Monthly Wrap-Up: End of April

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Yep, I know that I haven’t done Monthly Wrap-Ups for a while now, but I didn’t have time. I kinda feel like I’ve been falling behind on blogging lately, and I’m trying my hardest to juggle school and blogging AND reading, especially since I’m aiming for that school scholarship so badly. BUT ANYWAY, how was your April? Here’s mine:

monthly 1

  • SCHOOL, DEFINITELY. The start of school has been pretty much amazing, and I loooove all my modules. Mathematics, Engineering, Programming, AH YOU CAN BET THAT I AM IN HEAVEN. And then there’s the fact that I managed to make some pretty great friends. All of them are guys, unfortunately, since I’m the only girl in class. BOOHOO. But it’s still quite great and they’re really nice.
  • I wouldn’t call this the best moment, but my family has finally gotten a new house. And we’ve been waiting for this day since ten years back? We’ve always been stuck in this tiny house, with seven people living in it, so you can definitely imagine how bad the tension is whenever one of us is in a bad mood. So knowing that we are finally going to go to a slightly bigger house has got me feeling all excited! Though, yes, we kinda have to wait for the house to be built HAHAHA so it might take another 2 years? But it’s still something to look forward to, yeah?
  • OMG LOTS OF BOOKS hahahah but okay, that wasn’t the moment that I was referring to. But what I’m proud of is that I didn’t buy ANY books this month. LIKE OMG SAY WHAT? Hahahah it’s true. Part of it was because I’m no longer working and hence the money doesn’t come in no more HAHAHAHA. But yeah, omg I need to save money for school, and so, I’M SORRY BOOKS. I’ll buy y’all again, maybe next month? HAHAHAH
  • Who the heck came up with FIVE best moments? HAHAHAH oh wait, ME. Okay, well lemme think. OH OH OH. Nah, nope HAHAHA I’m sorry, but I think it shall be three moments only this month.

monthly top 3

  1. The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi: HOLY HELL, THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL and it was maaaagical. I mean, it was like BAM BOOM MAGIC. You guys need to read this book. It has a veeeery charming and sexy male character HAHAHA.
  2. Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes: I think this was the best contemporary that I read this month, because it was unique as hell. I mean, a girl who honestly thinks that she’s bad luck to the people around her? I need to reread this book asap.
  3. Ink (Paper Gods #1) by Amanda Sun: WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? I mean, this book is every otaku’s dreams. Plus, drawings that come true AND are dangerous? THE BEST.

monthly reading



Read:73 Goal: 300



Read:36 Goal: 100



Read:8 Goal: 100

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