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i know i kinda promised to give this surprise to you on your birthday,but there were some technical problems. im so so sorry. anyway,just wanna wish you happy birthday and thank you for everything that youve done for me. i mean,seriously when i was a mess last year,you were always there for me and i know i took you for granted,ignored you and all. im so sorry,if i could turn back time,i would correct it all,my mistakes. but since i cant and it seems too late cos youre gone,i guess an apology is just sufficient. though it would be great […]


Have you ever wondered?

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have you ever wondered why some people like to treat others like shit? its like,it makes them feel better about them self just by criticizing or hurting someone else. it seems kinda stupid,but i guess thats what makes them happy. but being happy at th expense of other’s feelings? thats just sad. have you ever wondered why? is it because of th way they were brought up? maybe. i mean,look at you,you were pampered since young,eventhough you were a damn troublemaker. maybe thats why you think youre better than everyone else. thats bullshit. i think its plain bullshit. youre bullshit. […]


Exams exams.

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and that’s th end of my maths paper. just now was paper 2 – 40% pure maths and 60% statistics. DAMN th pure maths was hard as hell. i nearly wanted to give up,not wanting to care about th 40marks. but i didnt. now im hoping that th stats will give me enough marks to get a decent pass for overall maths paper. now left with two more papers. Accounting paper 2 and MOB paper 1. to be honest,im not really that bothered about accounting,cos i never have any trouble passing it. its MOB that im freaked out about. i […]



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i meant it when i told my mom that Mardhiah is my only friend at home. i have nobody else,really. she’s th only one i can count on,talk to. i mean,th whole family hates me because my own mom hates me. it sucks,you know. it sucks bigtime when your own mom hates you. and i thought every mom love their children,apparently i was wrong. so very very very wrong. she truly hates me. because im not pretty enough. seriously? “why would any guy fall for you? youre not even pretty at all. goodness what do they all even see in you?” […]


i love you,boyfriend.

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sometimes i seriously feel like strangling th shit out of you. for real. cos you make me so frustrated at times. but no matter what,i still love you. cos youre this guy who makes me happy,cheers me up 24/7 and youre mine. i hope its for forever,cos i cant imagine my life with anyone else. i mean,this time last year,i was seriously heartbroken and contemplating to never date guys anymore,until i turn 20. then you just had to show up,and make me fall head over heels in love with you. i never told you this,but im glad it didnt work […]