Review: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

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Review: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan RhodesFalling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
Published by Penguin Young Readers Group on December 11th 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
Reading Challenges: #RockMyTBR Challenge Source: Library
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

Princess Cleo of Mytica confronts violence for the first time in her life when a shocking murder sets her kingdom on a path to collapse. Once a privileged royal, Cleo must now summon the strength to survive in this new world and fight for her rightful place as Queen.

The King of Limeros’s son, Magnus, must plan each footstep with shrewd, sharp guile if he is to earn his powerful father’s trust, while his sister, Lucia, discovers a terrifying secret about her heritage that will change everything.

Rebellious Jonas lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished—and finds himself the leader of a people’s revolution centuries in the making.

Witches, if found, are put to death, and Watchers, immortal beings who take the shape of hawks to visit the human world, have been almost entirely forgotten. A vicious power struggle quickly escalates to war, and these four young people collide against each other and the rise of elementia, the magic that can topple kingdoms and crown a ruler in the same day.

This book has shown me that I should never listen to people’s opinions and to actually judge a book myself instead of letting others do it for me. BECAUSE HOMYGOD THIS BOOK WAS GOOD and my friends said it wasn’t and do you know how much of a waste it would be if I hadn’t read this book? *shudders in horror*

Four different people, and they’re really different, trust me, crossed paths with each other one way or another and it all started out this story. First, there was the spoilt princess, Cleo, who had never seen how badly the outside world was suffering because all she could see was the riches of her own kingdom. It started with a death, and that changed everything. I think I liked Cleo the best, if I had to choose between everybody else. I mean, yeah she was totally spoilt, but not in the bratty way that you might think. It’s more like, she’s never really imagined or thought to be curious about how the people of other kingdoms were living their lives. Funnily though, I have a strange feeling that she wasn’t the main character of the book. She definitely would not be the hero. I THINK. (To those of you who have read the rest of the books, don’t spoil it OKAY?)

If I’m not wrong, in total, there were four different kingdoms and only Cleo’s kingdom is the sole surviving one, with all the riches in the world. So, obviously, everyone else would want to invade them if they ever had the chance.

I loved the fact that I’m still unsure if these four people were meant to be allies or enemies, because that kinda made me anticipate and excited for the next book, because I REALLY want to know if these four will eventually work together. I mean, if they did, then WOAH, THAT AMOUNT OF POWER THOUGH.


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