Review: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson

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Review: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon SandersonThe Final Empire (Mistborn, #1) by Brandon Sanderson
Published by Gollancz on October 1st 2009
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 647
Source: Purchased
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

In a world where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life. The future of the empire rests on the shoulders of a troublemaker and his young apprentice. Together, can they fill the world with colour once more?In Brandon Sanderson's intriguing tale of love, loss, despair and hope, a new kind of magic enters the stage— Allomancy, a magic of the metals.

I would like to thank Josephine from Word Revel and Elaine for forcing me to buy this HUGE book while they were visiting me at Kinokuniya. This book and its series have been my life ever since then, and I don’t think I’ll move on. NOT ANY TIME SOON, OR MAYBE NEVER.

I tried to listen to the audio book of The Final Empire, BUT NOPE. Definitely not a great idea, because I got hopelessly lost. But the book. Oh my God. It captured my attention since the first page and all through to the last page. I was happy, sad, heartbroken, hopeful and practically every emotions that existed. I think it stands to say that I definitely bawled like a baby while reading this book. My emotions were everywhere and I just wanted to save these characters.

I honestly love every part, every words in this book,  I was really obsessed with it. I mean, this book is GODDAMN GENIUS and you can bet everything that this will be THE series that I recommend (more like FORCE) everyone to read, after any Sarah J. Maas books, of course.

To be honest, I wanted to learn more about each and every one of the characters, but I suppose there will be time for that in the other books in this series. But I fell for each and every one of them, including the main villain of the book. That was surprising for me, because I generally do not go for evil LEGIT EVIL characters.

I love how The Final Empire was very plot-driven and fast-paced. I almost thought I was having a heart attack while reading it, because it was just SO. FREAKIN. INTENSE. And when things happened, I had to take a moment to stop myself from crying because this book was just so damn heartbreakingly gooood.

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