Review: Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

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Review: Fire and Flood by Victoria ScottFire & Flood by Victoria Scott
Published by Scholastic Inc. on February 25th 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Source: Library
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

A pulse-pounding thrill ride, where a teen girl must participate in a breathtaking race to save her brother's life--and her own. Time is slipping away. . . . Tella Holloway is losing it. Her brother is sick, and when a dozen doctors can't determine what's wrong, her parents decide to move to the middle of nowhere for the fresh air. She's lost her friends, her parents are driving her crazy, her brother is dying--and she's helpless to change anything. Until she receives mysterious instructions on how to become a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed. It's an epic race across jungle, desert, ocean, and mountain that could win her the prize she desperately desires: the Cure for her brother's illness. But all the Contenders are after the Cure for people they love, and there's no guarantee that Tella (or any of them) will survive the race. The jungle is terrifying, the clock is ticking, and Tella knows she can't trust the allies she makes. And one big question emerges: Why have so many fallen sick in the first place? Victoria Scott's breathtaking novel grabs readers by the throat and doesn't let go.

This is one of those book that ended on a note where I spazz about it 24/7, and willingly wanna give it 5 stars. HAHA. But after a few moments of thinking, I shall rate this book 4 stars. (I’m sorry!) This book was definitely one of the best, and it seriously had potential. But there were some parts where it was quite draggy, but other than that, I definitely love love this book.

This book reminded me of The Hunger Games, and for those of you who knows me well, you would know that I kinda despise Hunger Games. But why did I love this book then? BECAUSE there was no love triangle, no miscommunication, AND EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN PETS. I mean, really. When I read that, I was just there like AWWWWWWW I WANT ONE.

I definitely admire Tella since the start. She was the type of girl who would do anything to save her brother, and hence, watching her through this journey, I love how Victoria Scott did not portray her as the best or the underdog. It means, she was neither suddenly freaking amazing at everything, nor was she the sucky one, but unlikely heroine in the end. Tella was her own person. She was scared shitless throughout the whole journey, and I was right there feeling terrified for her.

What I loved about this book was the way the story progresses. THE WRITING WAS AMAZING, I can totally imagine every scenes as if they were played out on the screen. This book went from The Amazing Race/Survivor, to HOLYHELLPEOPLEDYING. Because I am serious. It builds up that momentum in you where once you’re totally into the book and wanting to know what happened, suddenly all the shitty things rise up and you’re like MY HEEAAAAART.

Ah, I wish I had read this book earlier. This was definitely the kind of books that I’ve always wanted to read. Kudos to Victoria Scott.

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