Review: Vampire University by V. J. Erickson

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Review: Vampire University by V. J. EricksonVampire University (Vampire University, #1) by V.J. Erickson
on June 7th 2012
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy
Format: E-book
Pages: 236
Source: Kindle (Amazon)
One StarOne Star

Constantly moving as she grew up, Taylor had learned the hard way how to blend in wherever she went. But when she moves to VanCamp University for her freshman year of college, she immediately finds herself at the center of attention of nearly everyone she encounters. From the charismatic and mysterious Evans twins, to her quirky, clingy roommate Hannah, it seems that the people in Taylor's new college life have no intention of letting her be the wallflower.
It's not just blending in that Taylor has to worry about, though. At VanCamp University, there is more to the staff and students than meets the eye. While trying to adjust to her new life on campus, she finds herself in a world where fairy tales and reality collide, where gargoyles and leprechauns mingle with humans and vampires, and where nothing is as it first appears.
And as she discovers the truth of her own unusual heritage, Taylor learns that fairy tales are just the beginning.

I debated for a few minutes between giving this book 2 or 3 stars. I would have given it 2.5 stars had I actually use half stars but, in the end I decided to give this a 2-stars rating. Why? The whole book pretty much slides downhill page after page.

I like vampires well enough, but what I liked better would be supernatural beings in SCHOOLS. So, when Vampire University was an Amazon freebie, I knew I had to pick it up. BUT. Disappointed much? This book was already a flop since the first page, but I decided to continue because the story line was interesting enough.

First things first, I really do not like the main character, Taylor. She wasn’t arrogant, or irritating. She was just brainless, in my opinion. That’s pretty harsh, I know, but excuse me I’ve been reading crappy books for the past few days. BUT anyway, Taylor seemed like a robot, without feelings, without nothing. It just feels like someone is controlling her being, making her speech and actions seemed…… MEH. I don’t really know how to explain it, but there was definitely no connection there. AT ALL. To be honest, I would prefer her roommate, Hannah, if not for the fact that SHE too seemed robotic. And so did the other characters.

The whole book seemed to be written in a monotonous sequence. It’s like reading a 5 years old’s composition. The words were VERY colloquial and I know for a fact that if my General Paper teacher read this, she would fail it straight away. The only reason as to why I continued on with this book was because I was interested in the story line. It was pretty much unique, with leprechauns and gargoyles. Unfortunately, by the time I ended this book, I was relieved that I’m done. So I’ll take that as a sign that I shouldn’t continue on with this book.

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