The Academy: Love Match by Monica Seles

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NUUU, WHAT IS WITH THE ENDING. DAMN IT WHY ISN’T THERE A DEFINITE ENDING. Okay, basically, this is the continuation to the first book. Remember how the first book ended? Nicole played both Jake and Maya, causing Jake to bang his frustrations by sleeping with Nicole (well, fuck man.) YEAH. So, if you think this second book will be all loveydovey about Jake and Maya getting back together, YOU. ARE. SO. WRONG. This second book mainly focuses on Maya’s career as a sportswoman. Maya’s lovelife wasn’t the main focus, which was sad (for me) because I was so looking forward to it. But the book was still engaging, if you’re interested in the followup for Nicole’s bitchiness. Anyway, yeah, as stated in the first line, I wasn’t too impressed with the ending, especially since there won’t be any book three. 🙁

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