The Secret of Happy Ever After – Lucy Dillon

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If you know me well, you would know why I was attracted to this book. This book isn’t really about love. Well, actually it is, but it’s more about life. And the things you go through. You can really learn alot of things from reading this book, but if you’re a booknerd like me, you’d learn about so much more books to add on to your evergrowing book list HAHA. This book is about two bestfriends, Michelle and Anna. They are two complete opposites, but they bonded over an unexpected incident. Michelle was more neat, and organized type of person. She has a list for everything, and having people or anything invade her personal space, and messing it up, makes her feel suffocated and unbalanced. Anna, on the other hand, is a complete booknerd/stepmom. Yup, STEPmom. But she tries her hardest to change people’s perspectives of stepmother, especially the opinions of her husband’s kids. Which is super hard, so there are times when I pity her. Each of these two people have the hardest moments in their life, and for once, things are going to change. And may I just reinstate a million times: I have never hated a character as much as I hate Harvey, that little screwed up shit. HAHA. Like, really, who the hell does he think he is, controlling people, acting so damn nice, when he’s a complete ass to Michelle. If I ever Michelle, I would have committed murder a long time ago. Anyway, this book is really cool. I spend a few days reading this, because I kept re-reading certain parts. Especially those that made me cry or simmer in anger. And since I didn’t really had anyone to talk to about this book, I basically spend my whole night ranting to my own self, in my diary HAHAHAH. But yeah, anyway, READ THIS BOOK. SO WORTH IT HAHA.
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